Hi! I'm Leona, your friendly neighborhood LongHairDiva, Welcome to my website!
So you'd like to know a little more about me...and my mane. 

After years of wearing my hair in a layered & permed Farrah Fawcett hairstyle, in the latter part of 1994 I decided to stop cutting and perming my hair and to let it grow long. I wanted to see my hair in its natural state. I was 27 years old, mom of 3 daughters and my wallet needed a break from the cost of maintaining the layered, permed look. Initially, I envisioned waist length hair. I made a committment to growing it. All natural. No chemicals. No cutting other than trims. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my hair reaching such lengths as floor, and past the floor. Currently at ankle length, it is reaching for the floor yet again. 

In 1998 I bought my first computer, and did my first search on the internet: LONG HAIR. I soon saw photos of women with super long hair, and that made me fall in love with growing my hair even more. Back then, I lived on the east coast of Florida, and I was waitressing as a job. In summer of 2003 I was approached via email about modeling my hair on a non~nude website. I agreed to, and that is how my internet career began. My hair was knee length. The site was "LongHairPortraits", and although I enjoyed non-nude modeling, I wanted to share more of myself, my true self, to my members and fans. My true self likes to be naked, and show myself and my longhair off. I couldn't be on the g rated site and show my tits or ass or masturbate...so I went out on my own. On May 1,2005 leonaslonghair.com was launched, and I LOVE owning my own site, and being more open with my sexuality with you all. BikerMan wasn't with me in the beginning, in late 2008 we got together and he was more than willingto be a part of the site, an extra bonus in this is that he is a LongHairLover as you all are! I do this site by myself. I have a great host and cms which makes it so easy for me, and makes it more fun, too lol. 

My longhair journey has had several crazy moments over the years...like the time the end of my braid was eaten by a leafblower motor, & the time an inept hairstylist trimmed my hair so crooked, I lost several inches in one day; going from waist length to near bra strap length. The question I am asked the most is: IS THAT YOUR REAL HAIR. I try to speak with everyone who approaches me, but sometimes it becomes very overwhelming & I need to find an escape. 

I'm married to BikerMan, & live in a very rural area of NW Louisiana. I love country life. The peace and quiet. My plants. Our garden. We have 16 horses, 2 dogs, and 1 Rooster. Soon we will have some hens and our own fresh eggs!

Life is very busy around here, always something to do, and sometimes we even have spare time for fun! For fun I like to sew, paint, soak in the hot tub, ride the harley with my husband, cook, garden, and hang out with our swinger friends. We do not do much 'vanilla' socializing. The Swinger parties we attend ... they are a blast, and going to a regular bar, etc., becomes very boring very fast. I love love love dancing on the pole on stage at the LC (private swinger house). I'd like to think I've converted many to the LongHair fetish lol. 

I really am just a normal woman, with super Long Hair...only with me, you get alot of kink on the side!