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~   Is that your real hair? THE question I am asked the most when people see me for the first time with my hair down. Yes, it's my real hair...and it's 100% virgin hair. Meaning...I use no chemicals, perms, styling products, styling implements, or heat on my hair. What you see is what you get. 

~   How long have you been growing your hair? I began my LongHair Journey in 1994, at age 27. At that time, my hair was just past shoulder length and I wore my hair in the Farrah Fawcett style, long layers and a perm. Big hair lol. 

~   What Shampoo do you use? I have used Mane & Tail Original Formula Shampoo & Conditioner since before I decided to grow my hair long. I still use it today, religously. You may notice, however, that in alot of my shampoo videos, I use Prell & Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo. I use that combination to achieve the dense lather that my lather/shampoo fans enjoy so much. Mane & Tail typically doesn't provide a big lather. For conditioner, even in my videos, I use the Mane & Tail Original Formula conditioner.

~   How long does it take to shampoo your hair? On the average, it takes about half an hour. I shampoo, rinse, repeat and then condition. I leave the conditioner on for 3-5 minutes while I shave, bathe, etc. In my personal life, I only shampoo in the shower. Videos are longer and are usually done in a tub. My hair is air dried, sometimes taking all day long to do so. My normal shampoo day is on Mondays, and I try to keep that routine. 

~   What do you do with it when you sleep? I either sleep with it under my pillow, or braided & under my pillow.

~   How long is it? In inches, it's around 70 inches. In the "longhair world" we measure our length from the front hairline down the back of the head to the bottom of the hair. On my body, it is just about past calf length. 

~   How often do you trim it? I try to keep on a yearly trim. My last trim was 8-22-2019 and I went from past the floor length to lower calf length.

~   Are you married? Yes, I am. I am married to the man you see in my videos "BikerMan". We've been married since May 2009.

~   Are all of your photos/videos on this site? Good question! Sadly, the answer is No.  Due to the very low quality/small format of videos in the early years of my career (2003 - 2005ish) I have decided to not include them here on LeonasLongHair. You can see videos on this site from 2008 to present day. My photos, will find photosets from 2003 to present day.